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How to Curate Content

To learn, to laugh and to feel inspired. These are the three pillars of content.

They also happen to be the three most viral emotions, says @EmersonSpartz, CEO of Spartz Inc., a collective of media websites that receive over 100 million visitors each month.

But as search dies and the quest for relevant content becomes ever greater what is the most effective way for a content creator to teach, entertain and inspire? With effective content curation it may be as easy as getting someone else to do it for you.

People don’t want more content, they want less, says @StevenRaenbaum. People want content that is interesting to them. But they don’t want to have to search for it. By selecting, sorting and presenting third party content you’ve found on and offline you can curate content that not only will your audience find easy to access but also relevant to them.

Nobody wants to hear the same thing over and over. By curating content you are selecting the best of what is to be heard – not echoing it. By evaluating each resource and explaining why you like each resource (or don’t) you are adding value and relevance to this content. You are providing extremely useful content to a target audience. You are curating, not creating.

@waaywire says successful content curation moves you from a voice in the noise to a leadership role. Curation allows you to define the focus of a conversation and set the tone – not just say what someone else already said. It allows you to tell the in-joke – without being the butt of it.

Below I have featured some of the best authorities to show you how its done;

1. A quick introductory video by John Lane, Chief Strategy Officer of Centerline Digital explains the concept of content curation for beginners. Centerline create business solutions for some of the world’s leading enterprises which can take shape in the form of creating and curating content. This video gives you a concise introduction to what is content creation and how to curate content.

2. In this episode of @GrowthHackerTV, Emerson Spartz teaches us the same viral strategies that grew his sites traffic to 45 million visitors a month, in just under a year. He gives some really useful tips on content curation – why it’s useful and highlights the importance of headlines.

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3. Steven Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation. As the CEO of the web’s largest Video Curation Platform, – he provides a realtime curation solution that powers more than 86,000 sites, including NY Magazine, New York Magazine, Mediaite, and Watch his speak TedTalk describing why curation is necessary and how to do it.

Read Steven’s five laws for content curation here.

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